Trying to Make Everyone Happy…

Written by Krista Eames on September 29th, 2009

I once heard a comedian tell a joke that went a little something like this…

So, I don’t understand people who hate Mexicans, one of their arguments is that Mexicans are lazy, they are always slacken on the Job. Their other argument is that Mexicans are comin’ in here and stealing all our jobs! So which is it? Are they lazy or are they stealing your job?

My mind kept falling back to this joke time and time again as this movie played on. Bastait describes the seen results and the unseen results in great detail emphasizing the importance of predicting outcomes. At one point he even states that “…it almost always happens that when the immediate consequence is favorable, the later consequences are disastrous and vice versa”. The movie showed this argument when the protesters pushed to have all the “Mexicans” removed, and what to them would be a favorable outcome, turned out to be disastrous. Many jobs were lost such as the border patrol, and the farm managers. Technology digressed and the streets were covered in trash.

So, why is it so impossible for public policy to achieve the goal they proclaim. The obvious answer is because we are all different. Any decision made by a small group of people that restricts a large population will never satisfy everyone.

It seems in all of our discussions there is simply an attack on the way our government is run. Checks and Balances are a good thing, but what about alternative solutions. Yes sometimes legislation doesn’t end the way we want it to. However, what is the point of just mocking the poor decisions without making better ones. Do we all really want a land with no legislation? Also, if we got rid of the legislation we have what “unseen” disasters might occur?


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