Koch’s Guide to Taking Over the World

Written by Jamie on April 21st, 2009

Jamie Wilson– Koch’s MBM program is a rehash of what was written in Leadership and Self-Deception and can reasonably be applied in the same manner. MBM is more of a system that controls the behavior of those at the top of the hierarchy rather than limiting the freedoms of those at the bottom. It teaches managers and decision-makers how they should create a climate where value can be multiplied. Therefore, it does not conflict with any of Hayek’s or Postrel’s arguments concerning government interference and over-regulation. If anything, it amplifies what they taught, because Science of Success is all about empowering the workers through securing liberty.

The take-home message from this book echoes what was learned from both Ender’s Game and Leadership and Self-Deception: be very sincere and careful when dealing with underlings and minions. Just like in Nicomachean Ethics, there exists a golden mean that we must achieve to produce the best results. By following the guiding principles of MBM (which happen to be the same ones that were taught to all of us in kindergarten), we can assure ourselves of continued success in whatever arena we enter. For aspiring rulers of this world, there is no better formula to follow.


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