Well have you ladies heard…..

Written by jchamplin on March 31st, 2009

I work with a group of “older ladies”, processors in the admissions office.  The things that these ladies loudly converse about are some of the greatest entertainment for the student workers.  They can range from childbirth to weight loss gimmicks, religious and inspirational forwards to my personal favorite, processor politics.  These women are all fairly average citizens I would venture to say and it’s so interesting to me when I get to eaves drop on what they think about popular issues and politicians.  As would be expected, their comments and perceptions are almost always cynical, critical, and pessimistic (that is unless there has been some sort of darling forward circulated about a politician praying or kissing babies in which case they love this individual).  Why is it that these women feel that government and the way it’s run is always so bad?  How do they feel that they have honest reason to think that they know better than the leaders of our country?  When people are governed under leaders this is often the case.  People are quick to criticize leaders that are not working in their best interest as they view that interest personally.  People think they know better because they know their own interests and that is what politicians and leaders should have in mind, right?
In Animal Farm, the animals are able to pull together and create a hugely successful society for a while.  This success comes from the empowerment the animals feel and their ability to work together running on residual unity.  The pigs felt that they knew best.  Although all animals were equal, in the end all were equal but some were more equal.  The leaders took it upon themselves to govern the society in a way that was most beneficial to them and thus in their eyes to everyone else.  To the other pigs and those benefitting from the pigs leadership, this was great.  To all of the other animals who may not have agreed with or benefitted from the pigs decisions, this was not right.  They could have done better if they were in charge just as the pigs were to have done better than when the humans had the power.


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