You Know What Happens When We Assume…

Written by Jamie on March 31st, 2009

Jamie Wilson– Corrupt, totalitarian regimes arise like false blog prompts and incorrect posts. When someone assumes he or she knows what they are doing, but is actually far off base, a disconnect with reality is created. The larger the disconnect, the greater the problems that ensue. Assuming can be a very good thing. Engineers and scientists use assumptions all the time to help simplify complicated problems. The problem comes when one thinks they have the power to assume, when in fact they are not in the position to do so. The animals made a huge assumption that they could handle the ramifications of overthrowing Jones. General Ripper assumed he knew best when ordering the B-52s to nuke the Soviets. In both cases, the consequences of their respective actions soon overwhelmed them. Neither the animals nor Gen. Ripper wanted to admit that their assumptions had turned out to be incorrect, which is an even worse mistake. Because of their pride, they missed the only opportunity to fix the problems that had arisen and suffered tremendously as a result.

The only way to prevent such mistakes is to limit the number of assumptions that are made, which can be accomplished by spreading government around as much as possible. Some of life’s best systems are fairly complex structures, so we as a society should not strive to have simplicity in all things. We cannot be afraid of a little work or responsibility, especially when it can save us so much pain and heartache later on. If the animals on Animal Farm had realized this and taken more initiative in governing themselves and limiting assumptions, they would not have been reduced to slavery once again.


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