Nature and Market Forces

Written by Jonathan on February 25th, 2009

Based on the reading of Tropical Nature we can build an analogy between tropical forests (with its ecosystems) and market system in that human intromission would damage their unique natural evolutionary process. Tropical forests, like markets, consist of a variety of species that specialize in the areas they are best at, “trading” with each other, and thus creating invaluable interdependent chains that make each other stronger.


Moreover, we can say that a market system, like tropical forests, contain a sort of “food chain” because a company’s final good might be another’s raw materials for producing a further refined product and so on. This process naturally, without third party alterations, generates a complex interconnected society that works more efficiently for both tropical forests and human societies.


According to Forsyth and Miyata “the cheapest tactics of seed dispersal employ free dispersal agents such as wind and gravity (78)”. In that same way, market forces (cheapest tactics) allocate resources to their most efficient use, like the wind and gravity (through the forces of nature) disperse seeds.



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