coffee, chocolate, and erradication of malaria in developed countries for example

Written by jchamplin on February 24th, 2009

“Life almost everywhere on our planet involves a complex intermingling of resources and energy by hundreds of different species, and these patterns are not static.  They shift and change not only with the vagaries of weather and season but also with evolutionary changes in the organisms themselves.”  If life were replaced with society or economy this quote would have no less truth.  This opening statement in Tropical Nature essentially alludes to the nature of economic and social systems.  When nature is left alone to evolve and transform as it will it cleanses, replenishes, strengthens, and renews itself.  Without the “all knowing” touch of the human hand nature lives, grows, and flourishes on it’s own.
On the other hand, there are incredible uses for nature that when it is left alone are not realized.  Although nature will sustain and even progress on it’s own, it doesn’t mix in perfect proportions to create life saving medicine.  Nature doesn’t genetically enhance enhance itself to ward off natural predators, increase growth rate, or up nutritional value.  These are things that nature does not do alone, it does not need to.  Plants, animals, and other natural things do not occupy this planet alone.  Humans are the intelligent beings over these resources and as such we manipulate these materials to fit out needs and wants.  We are able to take what is natural and will exist on it’s own and control parts of it to better fit our needs.  The same holds true with markets, economy, and social systems.  People, without touching them will exist and sustain life.  The nature of social and economic systems will lead to survival and some degree of success.  We have the capacity and knowledge however to enhance nature and improve our living conditions and life systems.


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