Flower Power

Written by Jamie on February 24th, 2009

Jamie Wilson– The flowers of the tropics are amazing innovators. Their ability to work out solutions to their problems would make the best engineers envious. For example, Tropical Nature tells how flowers must attract the right pollinators to spread their genetic material across the vast expanse of the jungle. Some use bright colors and sweet nectar, others use trickery and deceit to achieve their means. It is fascinating how a flower can mimic the female of a particular bee species or reproduce the right colors to attract hummingbirds, all without use of sensory organs or machinery. Even more impressive are the ways flowers and plants protect themselves from insects. Chemical warfare has been waged for eons in the jungle, and as insects gain resistance to the plants’ insecticides, the vegetation strikes back with new tactics, such as camouflaging leaves with egg-like spots to prevent butterflies from laying their eggs on the plant.

Humans must be free to innovate as the flowers of the Amazon basin. By unleashing our creativity, problems long considered unsolvable fall with breathtaking speed. Whether in economics (free market principles), in government (the Constitution), or in society, those systems that encourage individuals to think for themselves do the best. In the jungle, those plants that refuse to innovate will always die. If we let people face the risk of failure for their lack of enterprise, our nation will benefit greatly. This single lesson, if learned, would forever bless whatever society that took it to heart.


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