A Liquid Framework – Sounds Impossible I Know

Written by Lance Larsen on December 2nd, 2009

Charles Koch has done what we as Koch Scholars have not yet begun to do this semester–systematize a way to think about how to apply the principles that we defend so vigorously every Wednesday night.  I don’t think that Koch has really created anything other than a finite approach to a problem that has an infinite number of angles, all of which are shifting and changing.  Often in our discussion we will approach what appears to me a moment of arrival, dare I say even agreement, only to find that the next person on the speaking list (usually Josh or Ben) has a irrefutable (and damning) example to the contrary.  What Koch has done, and it is really quite brilliant, is built a liquid framework for addressing the paradox of free principles.  The paradox of free principles is that they have to operate within rigid ones.  Koch does a very nice job of declaring what principles should be fixed (equally applied rule of law and well established and defended property rights), and offering way to approach everything else.  

One particularly impressive accomplishment of The Science of Success is that Charles Koch very effectively champions free market principles.  He explains them as he goes in such a way that virtually any reader would be able to comprehend them.  Then he puts them into the context of the business environment, solidifying their value to nearly any reader from any background.  

I don’t think that Koch has missed anything, but by no means do I think that The Science of Success is definitive or universal.  He has simply found the way to organize his business to support the principles that he has found to be profitable and sustainable.  A person with a different set of industries, or in a different situation all together would apply them differently.  

Value, value, value, that is what it’s all about!


Thanks to everyone for a great semester!  Especially Randy, Dr. Fawson, Diana, and Teri for all their efforts!


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