The Perfect Finale

Written by Aaron Davis on December 2nd, 2009

One of my biggest challenges throught the semester is that many of the readings seems to make a great deal of sense in theory, but I often times failed to see how the principles addressed could be applied in everyday settings.  “The Science of Success” seemed to summaraze many of the concepts addresses, and how they have been and are being applied in Koch Industries.  I don’t find the book to be lacking of more insights in the context of the foundational ideas established in Koch these past months. Charles Koch seems extremely skilled at evaluating the strength of his company and instituting a plan to best utilize those assets and talents at his disposal.

This book seems to be the perfect conclusion to the last few months because it exemplifies that knowledge is not an end but a means.  At best knowledge can only be the introduction.  Knowing something can only empower an individual as long as they are able to find the right way to apply the thing they know.  One thing I’ve gained over the semester is knowledge of how markets function, but it’s not enough to simply know how a free market works and operates.  If that’s the only step taken one might conclude that they are much more cruel and unforgiving than previously imagined, and therein lies the temptation to find ways to control or ‘tame’ the spontaneous order and creative destruction.  In this sense the free market becomes an obstacle to be navigated through.  KII’s approach has been exemplary.  Knowing became a tool for Koch, and rather than fighting against the current a system was organized that would move with the current.  MBM, the virtues sought out and talents fostered were a reaction to the demands of maintaining innovation and competitiveness.

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