A Great Finish

Written by Krista Eames on December 2nd, 2009

Like many other scholars I too read this book over the summer, and it was funny to see how much more poignant his points were when I read them in context with all of the other readings. He did a beautiful job intermixing many of the core discussions focused on in our readings. On paper it looks like a great recipe for a happy productive organization.

One of my favorite aspects was the diversity and change mentioned in his hiring system, the way all of the workers and their positions will be under constant evaluation. This is an interesting tactic to keep your employees motivated and working to their potential. I just wonder what kind of person will ever be truly fulfilled by being the mail carrier. There are certain positions I feel that nobody has a talent for but still need to be filled. I also wonder how much of an uproar would be created when one of your employees believes they deserve a position where they have been constantly overlooked. By taking away the aspect of seniority I think you are also making promotion even harder for soft spoken or shy employees. It really puts an emphasis back on the necessity of really talented leaders, the true key to any organization.

I have never been part of a dynamic organization and it makes me curious at whether it would give me a sense of freedom or instability.


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