Liberty Creates Greatness

Written by Brent Jacobsen on December 2nd, 2009

As a former business owner, I have read many books on how to make your business “successful”.  It’s disappointing to me now that Mr. Koch’s book was not one that I had previously come across.  As I got further into the book, what struck me most was that the main premise of the book didn’t center around “how to be successful”, rather how to create an environment where success is the natural outcome.

I don’t believe Mr. Koch misses anything in his book.  He discusses at length the main shortcoming of his methodology – the false convert.  His ideology can only be successful in an organization where the participants are “true believers” (please forgive my religious parallels, but I think they are very appropriate) and don’t just go about the motions, but actually believe in the ideology, and act accordingly.  This is the only way his approach can (and has) succeed(ed).

The “science of liberty” is absolutely fundamental to the “science of success”, but once again, only as a belief system.  Giving lip service to liberty only helps politicians, and only in the short term.  Long-term prosperity is the result of a system that cultivates the belief in liberty and trusts in the inherent potential and greatness of mankind to create a better society.

Charles Koch found that by following the same principles that created the greatest and wealthiest nation on earth, he could create one of the greatest and wealthiest companies on earth.  If those two examples alone aren’t powerful enough to convince people of the power of liberty…


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