Practical Application

Written by Erika Morris on December 1st, 2009

By the end of the semester, I have started to catch myself picking out a common theme throughout the courses I am studying at Utah State. Terrorism can be linked to the amount of liberty a nation has, the reason the United States has expanded and prospered is because of how liberty effects the mind of its citizens, and how nations that lack liberty, fail in in both governmentally and economically. The Science of Success has allowed me to realize that free market principles can be applied in every situation, not just businesses.

What I especially loved about it was the idea that it all comes back to the individual, or the Science of Human Action. Charles Koch explains how people work, which in turn can help to facilitate the best kind o management in any type of organization, not just businesses and just non-profits. All in all, I can see how liberty and the ideals that Charles Koch advocates works in the real world. It really impressed me how much value is placed within each individual. He deals with the reality of diversity and how to harness individual innovation to create his system of Market Based Management. He teaches us how to value the ideas and talents of the individual. Sometimes it is hard not to think of our world as anonymous entities, whether they be businesses, organizations, or governments and forget that there is a common denominator in individual people through which the Science of Success can be applied.


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