Just a guide?

Written by Muriel McGregor on November 30th, 2009

As I read “Science of Success” I found one potential problem. On the one hand, Mr. Koch emphasizes the need for change, transformation, and innovation. As a result, the application of Market-based Management should not be a goal but a guide (xi). However, Mr. Koch later states that Koch Industries strives everyday to apply MBM principles. That sounds like a goal, not a guide, to me. The only reconciliation I see between the two is if MBM principles are continually being innovated as they are being applied.

I have to admit I was very impressed with how Mr. Koch drew from the wisdom of many great thinkers and synthesized them into MBM principles. I believe he is on the right track, but that true key to success, as Mr. Koch himself declares, is innovation or, rather, recognition that change is inevitable. What seems best for societies, organization, and individuals now will change, and that may include a deviation from free-market and personal interest concepts. Overall, the science of liberty – “how humans can best achieve their ends through purposeful behavior” – is essential to the science of success as defined by Mr. Koch (25). Whether success truly follows MBM principles or not, humans have a striving towards something and reach to achieve that goal in the most efficient way possible. Consequently, this would lead to purposeful behavior.


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